Bok Packaging

Frazer Parfum

Frazer Parfum creates organic and natural perfume products and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The brief was to conceptualise and design packaging for a calming scent for nurseries inspired by the owner’s journey into motherhood. ‘bok’, is a South African term for both a small antelope and an endearing term for children.

The idea was to give the iconic and beloved rocking horse a local refresh, creating the rocking bok. The packaging features a curved base so that when gently pushed it rocks back and forth.

The design keeps it simple, featuring an illustrated ‘rocking bok’ as the focal element. The name ‘bok’ and all copy appears in lowercase, reinforcing the concept of ‘little ones’.

Art Direction: James Atkins
Graphic Design: James Atkins, Tamara Isles, Sean Creighton
Box Design: James Atkins, Sean Creighton
Copywriting: Amy Donaldson, Beatrice Willoughby