Glowing Glowing Gone


Due to climate change, we have lost 50% of the world’s coral reefs in the last 30 years. Pantone and Adobe in Partnership with The Ocean Agency, created 3 distinct Pantone colours to highlight how, because of warmer oceans, certain coral glow a bright saturated colour before finally dying. The brief was to urge creatives across the world to bring attention to the coral’s silent warning through any medium they chose.

Inspired by mathematical patterns found in nature, specifically a model known as the reaction diffusion system. I created a Photoshop script that after a user inputs a base layer (an image, a font or even basic shapes) the script creates intricate coral inspired patterns that can be used across various different media.

The main pieces of collateral were a series of animations that highlighted the importance of coral reefs by having the coral patterns shrink back until nothing is left.

You can download the script here

Design: James Atkins
Script: James Atkins
Script UI: Sam Wray