Stream Africa CI

WPP Stream

WPP’s  annual Stream (un)conference was coming to Africa for the first time and we were given the task of coming up with a logo that spoke for the entire African continent.

Comprising of many different kinds of people, places, sights and sounds – Africa is no small place. We found the solution in the continent’s most precious resource: water.

After several days (and nights) of trawling Google Earth, we found the letters S-T-R-E-A-M carved into the diverse landscapes across the African continent by her mighty rivers (co-ordinates provided lest there be any doubters).

While capturing the spirit of Africa, the rivers also represent the free flow of ideas encouraged at the Stream (un)conference. And just as water sustains life, so Stream quenches our thirst for knowledge.

Art Direction: James Atkins
Logo Design: James Atkins
Collateral Design: Tamara Isles, Sean Creighton
Copywriting: Amy Donaldson, Beatrice Willoughby