Nothing’s Changed

Vega Brand School

Vega School is a tertiary institution that offers courses in brand, design and business. We were briefed to create a poster campaign to highlight its course offering and attract high school students to attend Vega Open Days.

Vega teaches the timeless skills that will not only set you up for an unforgettable career, but the kind of thinking that has the potential to change the world. Unfortunately many high school students did not even know what these careers were.

Using historic icons, the campaign reimagines them in today’s world, and contextualises their job for the students. William Shakespeare (Copywriter), Frida Kahlo (Art director), Gandhi (Strategist) and Leonardo Da Vinci (Designer). Showing while times may change, the same fundamental skills will always remain relevant and continue to shape history.

The posters and collateral make use of a ‘sliced’ visual treatment, giving the posters a disruptive look and feel – representing Vega’s disruptive presence in its category.


Art Direction: James Atkins, Shannon Dudley
Graphic Design: Shannon Dudley
Copywriting: Annette Minnaar