VOXI by Vodafone

VOXI wanted to drive more consumer-centric social content on their various media channels. The idea was to create exclusive, themed drops that could go out every month to get people talking about VOXI.

Using the aesthetic of social media mixed with a little 90s sneaker culture hints, these are a few examples of some drops I have worked on.

Big Bunny House
For the Easter themed drop we created the Big Bunny House, a reality TV show on Instagram… starring bunnies. Each of the bunnies had a distinct personality and each day a new ‘drop’ (photo booth, sports equipment etc.) was added to the ‘house’ as voted by the viewers.

Festival Drop
For the festival season we partnered with two festivals and at certain parts of the day people would be told on Instagram to go to a site to pick up their free tickets, first come first served.

Graphic Design & Animation: James Atkins, Matt Walton, Nick Raven
Art Direction: Rob Lloyd
Copywriting: Kate Craggs