What a Catch Filter Game

VOXI by Vodafone

For the Voxi collaboration with Heat and Love Island, we were asked to come up with a fun summer themed filter to appeal to the insatiable hunger of the Love Island viewers.

We proposed an interactive experience that gamified the filter and made it more engaging to the users.

Controlling a beach bucket with their head, users were asked to catch as many different Love Island and summer themed emojis falling from the sky. The more you get the better catch you were. As the user catches emojis the speed that they fall increases and as the emojis fall from a random location each time this leads to great replay value.

To try out the filter for yourself go to the filter gallery here (only works on mobile) or search ‘VOXI’ in the effects gallery on Instagram and Facebook.

Design and filter: James Atkins
Art Direction: James Atkins
Copywriting: Ben McCarthy