The Tuluver

BirdLife South Africa

With International Vulture Awareness Day coming up, we asked a simple question, would people care more about vultures if they were beautiful? So a vulture was ‘shopped’, like many human models, into a beautiful, but very fictional bird; the ‘Tuluver’.

The image was then released on social media under the guise of a new species ‘discovery’. Both locally and internationally, the world questioned, doubted, adored, revered but most of all, took notice of the Tuluver.

On Vulture Awareness Day, we released a follow up video of the Photoshop process, revealing that the Tuluver was in fact a vulture. The message was simple: why can’t we get as passionate about losing a species as we can about discovering one?

Art Direction: James Atkins
Graphic Design: James Atkins, Tamara Isles, Sean Creighton
Copywriting: Amy Donaldson
Vulture Retouching: James Atkins, Juliet White