About Me.

Conceptually focused. Unique designer. And only a little sarcastic.

James Atkins
Art Director/Graphic Designer/Non Beach-Walker

James is a multidisciplinary, conceptually driven creative with 6 years experience who always tries to incorporate technology and new mediums into his work. He has a special interest in digital and doing things a little differently.

D&AD, New York Festivals, IAB Bookmarks, Lurzer’s Archive, and the Loeries all think he’s rather spiffy.

Okay, so there aren’t a whole lot of similarities… but in his free time, James is attempting to 3D print a full prosthetic arm, to varying degrees of success, and he hates long walks on the beach. So there’s that. He also does illustration in his rare free time.

To collaborate, come to the dark side. Or get in touch through more traditional methods.

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