Tiger Tail Recruiting CI

Tiger Tail Recruiting

For the 2017 Cape Town Hackathon, TigerTail, a new creative digital recruitment company, had a simple brief- make us a fresh, edgy, (insert latest design buzzword here) brand identity. In 48 hours.

Freshly briefed at 9:00 am on a Saturday morning, we set to work creating a tone of voice and visual identity that would liven up the slightly dull and stiff recruitment category. We thought what is the future of recruiting? We decided that while you cannot make types of people for types of jobs, you can find people to fit. Because just like every tiger’s stripes, every person is unique. We created the simple brand mantra of “Show us your stripes”, because unlike other recruiters that throw applicants at a position and hope one sticks, we believe that getting the correct personality for a company is more important.

The logo is a combination of an individual fingerprint and a tiger’s stripes (complete with tail) and incorporates a stripe pattern that is randomly generated so every time it is used it is unique.

Having beaten out 16 other teams our pitch was chosen to be the TigerTail brand identity.


Graphic Design: James Atkins
Copywriting: Kyle Durston