Explorers Club Identity

Explorers Club

Explorers Club, is a unique collection of guesthouses paired with off-the-map expeditions. The challenge was to create a visual system that represents the eclectic collection of properties, each one unique with its own character and distinct theme.

The solution was found in the humble postage stamp – iconic symbols of travel and exploration. With every accommodation being unique, the stamp was used as the device to express the individuality of each property. Establishing what makes each guesthouse one of a kind, these stories were then designed into a collection of stamps. The result: an identity that provides a window into the brand, and each of the properties that form part of it.

Art Direction: James Atkins
Graphic Design: James Atkins, Tamara Isles, Sean Creighton
Copywriting: Richard Martin
Illustrations: James Atkins, Tamara Isles, Sean Creighton, Shannon Dudley, Jamy Silver