Voxi Valentine’s Day

VOXI by Vodafone

For Valentine’s Day Voxi wanted an entire week of content and we delivered.

AR Filter
First, we created a list of the most desired (and some not so much…) things for Valentine’s Day. These were then illustrated into fun, neon sticker-style illustrations that would quickly appear above the user’s head on Instagram and Facebook. After a short time, a random answer would be picked and displayed to brag to your friends or quickly delete.

Endless Social Media Cards
We also created sharable Valentine’s cards using the endless social media that Voxi offers. You could tag your crushes in a post complete with a cheesy headline.

RomCom Blind Date
To highlight the endless video offering over Valentine’s Day, we created a guessing game using the Tinder interface with silhouettes of some of the characters from RomComs, and asked the users to guess below or use the Instagram Q&A sticker to answer.

Cheeky Challenges
Last but not least, we created a quickly looping Instagram story that gave different challenges based on when you tapped to stop the video.

Design and filter: James Atkins
Art Direction: James Atkins
Copywriting: Lisa Morris